There is a few things the people of Africa can do very well! Dancing …. you should see them – from 1 year olds to “madalas” of 80. Rhythm is in their bones and being. Wonderful to watch when they sing and dance. One of the other things they do so well is being creative – arts and crafts. But during the war a lot of Mozambicans lost the ability to create new art – and you will only now see as you travel in Mozambique some arts and crafts for sell.

We decided to start an Art School within our Bush school. It was an instant hit and success. The girls are learning cross stitching and the boys are busy making wire toys to sell. With these newly learned crafts we also incorporate entrepreneurial skill so they could possibly make a living out of what they are learning. Here are some of those moments captured:

Girls concentrating hard on learning cross stitching. Alta and Eunice are responsible for teaching the girls their new craft.

Boys working from a detailed sketched page to start their design.

The bicycle are slowly but surely taking shape.