Meet Ernesto Abudu – our trained First Aid Officer at the Mucombeze clinic. He is one of three trained “socoristos” in the missions service.
We have two medical posts – 20 km apart – who serves a huge community around them. The average visitations per month amounts to over 700 visits. Most of our medication is supplied by the Health Department of Mozambique.

We have regular vacsination programs at our clinic for several diseases eg. tuberculoses, leprocy and other child diseases like pocs ect.

Lynn Lagore is a qualified Canadian nurse who takes responsibility for the missions clinics. She does weekly training with the medical staff and sees that all health regulations are followed.

Here is Ernesto in action. He loves needles but not so sure the population likes that as much as he does.

And here is our hospital – ready for the first patient. In our area there is no medical services for many miles. We are the only outpost in an area where 100’s of people die annually. Malaria, TB, Aids, Mulnitrition, Cholera, Snake bites, and other rare tropical diseases are common and is our biggest headache.

Please pray for this important ministry as it is often the last lifeline for many hundreds of people in the bush.