My wife is again standing very close to me as I am writing this article. It is not because this is our 100th blog posting but because she wants to make sure that the women of Mozambique is getting the best exposure possible in this posting. If you are married you would know that it is best to write what they tell you ……. ! Do I need to say more? The Woman Program in Mozambique moved rapidly during the last year to expand its influence in northern Mozambique. Culturally women are always seen as on the background. We all know they form the cornerstone of any community ….. and for that matter …. the country. (My wife has left now ….. so I am saying this on my own!! LOL. And it is the truth!)

A training manual has been put together with the help of Eunice, Alta and Rene who did some of the groundwork in previous years. This manual has been translated into Shona, Portuguese, English and Senna. It has been distributed by our leaders from the north to their own woman programs. The woman of Africa are standing up and are being counted as they influence their communities with literacy programs.
These programs also motivates them to start entrepreneurial projects like crafts etc. to raise money for struggling families. The woman caught the program very quickly and older ladies in their 60’s are participating and are able for the first time in their lives able to read, write and even read their first owned Bible.

Thanks to you all for participating, donating and praying for the ladies of Africa. As they are being developed everyone is reaping the rewards of their hard work.