They say silence is golden ………. but not for us deep in the bushes in Mozambique. Sorry for the empty blog the last few weeks. Let me quickly update you what happened:
                          • Our satellite system gave up with no parts to fix it – although we took it to Zimbabwe – no luck. Mr. Robert Mugabe do not have any spares. At an inflation rate of 7 000 % who can blame the guy.
                                Our generator literally blew into pieces. No spares ….. no electricity …. hard times.

                                      • My personal generator gave up because we tried to pump some water. We do wash ourselves here in the bush you know. Well …. at least the females does!!!
                                      • The water well decided to pump air and not water – I think it ran dry ….. but I am not going to climb down the well 50 m down! Did I mention that we like to wash ourselves here in the bush?
                                      • We had a leadership seminar with 40 people and a youth group of another 59 screaming young Mozambicans with little or no water on the base.
                            Well that should paint the picture. No blogging was possible, no emails and cut off. Oh did I mention we had some outrageous storms in Mozambique on the base. 200 mm in one night and so it went on and on.
                            So thank you for understanding, your support, prayers, humour and BEING THERE. Keep on visiting this page …. much more to follow!