Our schools had a bumper year in 2007. From left to right: Joao Feniassi (he teaches grade 2 and 4); Francois Rauch (he tries to teach the teachers); Paulo Inacio (he teaches grade 1 and 5) and Tito Mabuleza (grade 3).

We have had an overall passing rate of 92 % in our bush schools this year. What makes this remarkable is that government schools are struggling to reach an 80 % pass rate. Although we had several problems this year:

  • We had to teach under the trees, come rain and sunshine, as the current school were being upgraded;
  • Lack of books and stationary;
  • No school desks and other teaching aids available.

The teachers stuck through it though and during our external grade 5 exams our kids excelled and scored a 88 % passing rate – the highest in the area. Mathew Hurekure on the photo left is our Bible Education and character development teacher and plays a huge role in the success of our school. As you know we are starting our new school early 2008 so watch for the latest news.

We had our year farewell for the teachers as they are taking a well deserved break until the new school year starts on 2 January for them.