Meet Pastor Kwaramba– it’s the one a little bit darker than I am. I just love this man …… he carries a great passion for the lost, started 5 new churches the last 2 years and added another 580 people to his 5 churches. I have been working extremely close with him – preaching every Sunday in some of his churches.

Pastor Kwaramba is currently building a huge church which his own congregation is funding. We have come alongside to help him and purchased these doors to help the church. They will be the front door of the church and are beautiful.

Thanks to the help of 2 great people and close friends, Niel and Helane Keyser – they donated funds to help church planting in Mozambique. May the harvest that comes through their and other peoples generosity be plentiful.

Churches are growing rapidly in Mozambique – it is in fact the fastest growing church in Africa (if not in the world) currently. We need strong leaders and will have to connect via good relationships and training even more in the future. Thanks for caring and making a huge difference in the lives of Mozambicans!