Every year we spend a few weeks during the end-year holidays on our Vocational Bible School for our kids. This year was no exception as we focused on:
  • Character building
  • Bible stories
  • Road Safety
  • Health
  • Arts and crafts

Eunice, our lady ministry co-coordinator was called in to help and presented the arts and crafts lessons. Here is some of our kids enjoying the session. Our aim and objective with our Vocational Bible Study program is to make sure the kids have 100 % fun (without any school work) but learning at the same time.

While children are playing and using all their senses we are in the process also teaching values like loyalty, honesty, good work ethics, good self esteem and other valuable characteristics.

On the left you can see as some of the younger girls get involve in teamwork. Here they are being taught bead work and how to make necklaces from tree seeds. Seeds are drilled and painted to make every necklace unique. By using seeds kids learn that is not necessary to buy beads but that they can use nature around them to make beautiful things. Even the bigger boys quickly got the hang of it and they didn’t want to leave as soon as they mastered the technique.

Here are some of the older boys getting ready and organized.