Do you remember the last day of school just before the summer holidays? No worries – just smiles – beaches – sun – ice cream and no more “go to bed early” in the background. Well in Mozambique things are a little different. What is going on in the head of a Mozambican child who is spending his last day before the “rainy holidays”. I spoke to a few and here is some of the answers.

Tutu: “I like school and don’t want to leave because my house leaks and the school a nice roof.”

Fernando: “School prepares me for what I dream to become – a mechanic. If I have no school my dream becomes vague.”

Celistino: “I don’t like holidays because then I must work in the fields of my parents.”

Anna: “I need school everyday because we get “nicey” food at the school kitchen.”

Sortinho: “I don’t like holidays because I am only at my home and not seeing all my friends.”

Manina: “I love my teachers and now I will not see them for a long time.”

Joao: “No ….. take holidays away ….. I like learning ….. all the time!”

Psalmo: “I like Bible stories – I don’t hear them at home.”

Ok I have to stop here – they went on and on. Quite different than our viewpoint. We sell dreams and hope at the schools and kids are responding daily. It made me feel bad closing the school after VBS – but the poor teachers need resting. Our grade 5 students are still writing exams until 8 December.

Here is our top student in grade 4 receiving his brand new bicycle. His mother ran forward waving her capalana in the air yelling. That is what you called a “proud parenting moment”. Cool!

We had our closing down ceremony with great prizes to be won for the best student. Thanks again to all who made this possible. I need to thank:
  • The University of Stellenbosch for the bicycles donated;
  • Daisy Phillips and David and the whole family who made the party possible for the kids – a hug from all our kids to all of you.
  • Michelle Groenewald for all the Escholinha training material – we love ya!
  • All the supporters from Canada and around the world who made it possible to have completed this school with its roof and all the other improvements. May God bless you all.
Will put on a slide show soon so you can see all the photos!

Some of the kids queuing for the last feast. Sweats, biscuits and cool drink can be enjoyed after the parents had theirs first. Simon Nicalau is our pre-primary teacher in the background (with the tie) trying to organize the joyous crowd.
Our top students for 2007 and our proud teachers from left to right in the back row:
Tito Mabuleza (grade 2); Simon Nicalau (pre-school); Paulo Inacio (Grade 1 and 5); Jaoa Feniassi (Grade 3 and 4) and Francois Rauch.