Education and all aspects that goes with it is not just very close to my heart it is burning inside me.” – Francois Rauch

In Mozambique that statement is beating even stronger in my heart. The children of Mucombeze, Mozambique have to walk between 15 and 25 km daily to reach their closest school. It will be their only means if they want to be educated. Education is a right to all – but not all Mozambicans have this privilege. We work non-stop to ensure that children, women and the illiterate gets the opportunity to be educated.

Here is an aerial photo of our school just finished – new roof and all. Our primary school houses about 200 children who are also fed daily at the school. (See the kitchen to the right!)

We do not have school desks at the moment and children need to sit on the floor. We are currently sponsoring 4 teachers who teaches not only the government syllabus, but in addition to that teaches Bible Education, character and leadership development. We have a pre-primary school with a teacher and and all out sports program.


WE now need to finish our other school before the end of 2007. Thanks to the help of Derick Hammond (Faith in Action) some money was donated to fix this school before the rainy season starts. We are still short about R15 000 to complete this project before we can continue the next school. Although we have excellent relationships with government they do not have funds to build schools currently in our area. 150 Grade 1 students do not have a school currently and are sitting under trees at the moment. Please pray for us so this project could be finished on time!

Where our community has no means to support financially they have started making blocks so we could complete and fix up this building that has been destroyed during the long civil war. RPG holes and machine gun fire can be seen in the walls. The costs unfortunately for the school is in the expensive roofing and trusses.
Thank you for praying with us so we can finish this project as soon as possible. Oh …… yes …. and thank you for caring and reading this blog thing! Bless ya all ….. and yes off course e love you!