So at last the rain came – we prayed – but wow the Lord hit us hard with so many showers of refreshing that we are still gasping for air. 155 mm in 2 days – now that’s a lot of rain. I am still looking for some of my flowers that I planted – I think it is floating somewhere in a river on its way to the sea.

Wish you could experience a real African storm though – so unique with the thunder, orange lightning and then those huge drops bombarding mother nature.

Rain is good – if it comes during the day …. I think. Nope not in Mozambique – it comes at night and this storm came at 02:00 in the morning. I ran out to cover my motorbike just to realise it is laying upside down as the soil was to wet to hold up the bikes. Soaking wet at 02:00 we tried to rescue our garden and bikes. That was just the beginning though – our river pump decided to submerge itself in the water.

Now – my wife can’t spell the word fear! She jumped into the river to save the pump. Needless to say when the river comes down it is usually full of crocodiles. What could I do – jump in with her with our guard and Charles our foreman. I kept on scanning for crocodiles as they loosened the bolts to save the water pump. And save we did!!

After being submerged for some hours we dried it, put it up in the son ….. and ……. zzzzzzzzz (NO gaboem) – it worked again.
Did I mention my wife got washed out of the river because of the strong flow – she started swimming (oh …. and did I mention I am not a good swimmer?). I am verbal – and motivated her from my safe spot to safety.
Praise God – we all survived another day in Mozambique. Please keep on praying for the following:

* It really is crocodile time during the rainy season and we have already lost one child who fetched water at the river.

* Many people have lost babies and family members due to many illnesses and diseases. Please pray for all!