As our summer arrives …… so does the snakes. They love the sun ….. and during night time they love moving around as all the S-prints show when you go out the next morning. The local Mozambiquean is brilliant in surviving in the bush when it comes to snakes. They call snakes – “njoka”. Whenever you walk with them in the bush they would quickly stop turn their head and say “njoka”. You wait for a minute and sure enough you see the snake!

The snake above is a puff adder and we have plenty of them this year. It emerges at dusk, lying in cover and ambushing prey. It has effective camouflage. If disturbed, it adopts a strike posture and usually warns by giving a deep, hollow hiss; once heard, it is not easily forgotten. It strikes readily. The venom is cytotoxic, often causing extensive swelling and pain. 100 mg of poison is fatal in humans. Death usually results from kidney failure and other complicatons caused by the extensive swelling.
By saying all this we need your prayers once again. Eunice is our co-ordinator in the womens ministry and works very close with Alta. She has been bitten by a puff adder a few days ago. With not having a lot of medication on the base and no snake serum Alta had to phone Dr. Tielman Marias who is always on standy for a medical crisis. He quickly told us what to do and propably helped us to save a ladies life yet again. Thanks Tielman …. again.

The following prayer requests please if you remember for the next month:
  • Health issues – it’s malaria time, snakes and all the other tropical diseases
  • Steven Francisco – just lost his baby yesterday
  • Schoolboy killed in accident;
  • Our dealing with the local communities that the Word of God will touch them through His Holy Spirit;
  • All the work on the mission base.
  • For Nat Zook who has been with us for about 2 years who is leaving us for the USA.

Blessings to all of you ….. and YOU ALL are constantly in our prayers!!!