I sat with a group of Mozambiqueans a week ago listening to someone teaching the topic: “Choices …… we are the product of what we choose.” Well the discussion touched on issues like we are sometimes poor, live in houses that was not meant for us because if we chose differently we could have more! A lack of choosing make us what we are? True or not?

Honestly I was annoyed with the topic. Happiness and being rich comes from the inside FIRST. Well, that is a choice – ain’t it. Well …. the Mozambiqueans replied: “Does it mean I have not made the right choices in life because I am poor (I have no money) and stay in a mud hut? Even today I had a great conversation with a Mozambiquean about what we understand as someone being poor or rich! One thing is for sure ……. the Africans view on being poor or being rich is totally different what we in the Western world understand and want to teach!

Ok …. had to get that out of my system ….. here is something different: If you are wondering what to read next try this one – UNchristian!
Christianity has an image problem
Christians are supposed to represent Christ to the world. But according to the latest report card, something has gone terribly wrong. Using descriptions like “hypocritical,” “insensitive,” and “judgmental,” young Americans share an impression of Christians that’s nothing short of . . . unChristian.
Groundbreaking research into the perceptions of sixteen- to twenty-nine-year-olds reveals that Christians have taken several giant steps backward in one of their most important assignments. The surprising details of the study, commissioned by Fermi Project and conducted by The Barna Group, are presented with uncompromising honesty in unChristian.
PS Have some great news on our new school – helped by Faith in Action! Will share shortly.