Ok our orphans officialy grew to 404 over Northern Mozambique. It makes one scared if you think about it ….. so many to care for. The church actually comes to life with these projects as they help us to provide love, care and everything else a kid needs who have just lost his parents due to aids, malaria or other tropical diseases. Without the church and all our widows looking after these special kids it would be impossible to reach out to so many. May God bless them all. Here we are handing out blankets that Rhenish knitted to more orphans.

These kids waited anxiously for us to arrive – they just heard that girls in Cape Town prepared a gift for them. Everyone was there – the widows, the pastors – even the Orphan Board of the church.

And did those kids cling on to those blankets. They did’nt want to leave them. I so wish that every girl that knitted these blankets could hand them out to every kid – it makes you want to cry with joy. Here in the bush people still actually show so much appreciation when they recieve a gift.