After many miracles, lots of prayers and the good hearts of so many good people we were fortunate to deliver and hand out 350 scarce Bibles to our leaders in many parts of the country – specially the northern parts of Mozambique where you will not often find many missionaries or helpers.
Literally a truck full of Shona and Portuguese Bibles being loaded by pastors and leaders from Northern Mozambique. Needless to say the joyous mood on the truck was contagious. Some of these leaders have been waiting for more than a year to receive some of these Bibles. Church members unfortunately will not have the privilege to own their own Bibles seeing that these Bibles are only marked for leaders within the church. Bible text memorization is the only way some church members can get hold of the Word – which is maybe not that bad of an idea.

Many of these Bibles came as far as London, England and from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Even a rural community in Robertson, Western Cape, contributed so that we could purchase more Bibles. A special word of thanks to the following superstars who made it possible for us to help churches in Northern Mozambique:

  • Dr. Tielman Marais (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
  • David Phillips (Godalming, England)
  • Robertson church group (Robertson, South Africa)
  • Niel & Helane Keyser (Louis Trichard, South Africa)

Without these people it would be impossible to have even dream about this project. God has used you all in a very unique way. Thank you for sharing the Good News to those who are crying to hear it. May you all be blessed in ways that will leave you astonished. Blessings!!