Ok my wife should write this article …… but I have become so proud of the ladies being empowered that I decided I should fight for my right to write this. A short term visiting group from Canada, Jortosh Ministries donated 6 brand new sowing machines for the ladies ministry. The ladies are in the planning stages of setting up their own arts and crafts center where many ladies in our area will be trained to make clothing.

Some of the clothing produced will be given to our orphan children to sustain them. The ladies are also busy producing jewellery (from tree seeds), greeting cards (I think from real paper or cattle dung) and other interesting products (which is a bit to feminine for me to pronounce). Keep an eye on these pages as we will show you some of their products on this blog!

Viva …. we love to see our women in Mozambique to be empowered. Maybe I am only writing this because my wife is looking over my shoulder to see what I am writing ….. and if I observe correctly …. she has kind of a grin. Anyway …. bless ya all and keep on changing futures!!!