We have experienced a fantastic miracle a few days ago which I and 285 orphans would never thought possible. Rhenish Girls’ High School in Stellenbosch decided with Mrs. Regina van Zyl to tackle a project which left many people astonished. They decided each to knit a blanket for orphans in Mozambique.

Rhenish Girls’ High made sure with their unselfish and generous gifts that more than 60 orphans will sleep warm during this very cold winter in Mozambique. We are currently looking after 285 orphans in Mozambique. The great girls of Rhenish knitted patches of the blankets and joined them later. According to reports I received they knitted at every coffee shop in Stellenbosch with ads put up everywhere to tell people what they were up to. Their blankets, cards, teddy bears lightened up every kids face and many of our orphan mothers wept silently as we read them the cards that the girls send with their blankets.

We have totally fallen in love with Rhenish. We want to thank every girl who participated in this great project. You have made a huge difference in the lives of so many orphan babies and kids. All our orphans would have liked to give you a big hug but seeing that it is not possible watch their faces on our next blog post to experience the joy.

Thank you for caring and sharing and doing something so PRACTICAL that have probably saved some lives. You have all set an example that no other school in South Africa can come close to match. We all love you dearly!!