If you want to submerge in any culture …… find out what is extremely important and dive in – boots and all. With children (and adults too) it is soccer, athletics and volley ball when you find yourself in Mozambique. We have just had our annual athletics meeting ….. and what fun did we all have. Spending time through sports ministries helps us to build great relationships which helps us to serve them and teach them.

Tug of war was a new sport introduced into our schools recently. Just watch those smiles. If you can make a kid smile you have won him/her over for life. Our motto in our schools are that every minute they spend with us must be their best experience ever. This opens their hearts for Christ and helps us to influence our kids and their families who still seeking Christ.

We have just recieved 2 bicycles for our end of the year ceremony. Kids who excells in academics and sport will recieve these prices later.

The bicycles were sponsored by Masons Cycles in Stellenbosch. You have lightened up many lives in Mozambique – a huge “muinto obrigado!!”