Did I get your attention with that one? I have been thinking a lot …………. and reading some and found the following from Arthur!

Ok, you may go to heaven after you die. BUT, it also exists NOW. It’s the spiritual realm in which God lives. Do a word search of heaven and heavens in the Bible, and see how often it is talking about the future and how often it is talking about the present.

Your Kingdom Come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” does not mean that we are asking for the end times, for all life to end. It means we are begging God to make things on earth like they already are in the heavens. In the heavens, things are as they should be. We see glimpses here and there.

Implications? For one thing, going to heaven after you die isn’t the goal in life. Knowing God now, and developing the relationship you will have with God forever comes closer. And, it’s not a place made for humans to get their reward for a good life. It’s the place where God lives and we will live with God. It’s about GOD, not us!!!

I mean, besides all the angels playing harps imagery, what do we really know about heaven anyway? Mostly that it is being in God’s presence. Isn’t that partially attainable now, since Jesus made the way and God’s Spirit lives with us?

Let’s talk about heaven for now, not later.