I can’t stand “that’s just how it is” as an answer.
Usually, it really means I’m too lazy to do anything about it;
don’t question the status quo ;
I have no hope of anything different…ever, and neither should you.
So, when I take in an electronic device that is covered for repair under warranty, and it is going to take a really long time to get fixed (for no explainable reason), don’t tell me “that’s just how it is.”
Forgive me if I use this petty example to jump off onto big ones, because this attitude bugs me:
Sorry you don’t have electricity in your tin house and it’s 0 degrees, that’s just how it is.

I can’t find your file. No medical treatment for you. that’s just how it is!
Sure, people in the Sudan are killing droves of people, including all the civilians caught in the crossfire of war, but that’s just how it is.

WHY? Why is that how it is? Can’t we do something about it? I want to hear what you hate hearing “that’s just how it is” about…

Arthur Steward a great guy I met shared this and after thinking a lot about this I share this with my whole heart.

Meet a guy who hate the words “that’s just how it is.” His name is Steven and he took in 16 orphans in his own house. Feeding them, clothing them, loving them, educating them – being a father for those who have none. I will share his orphans with you.

Francois Rauch and Pastor Steven

Thanks for not saying ….. “well it’s only Africa – that’s just how it is!