Interested in movies about the real Africa. I found a few which I think you would enjoy. If it’s raining outside …. now is the time to spend a good weekend with some real good movies!!

Blood Diamond

I highly recommend seeing the film Blood Diamond. Great story of what is happening in our part of the world. I walked away reminded of why I am here, trying to make some sort of difference. I also thought Leonard DiCaprio was at his best, and would’nt mind seeing him pick up an Oscar for it. Some will point out that in most of these movies, there is a white/American “hero,” which perpetuates the stereotype that Africans need outsiders to help them all the time. Fair critique, though I don’t think it changes what the movies are saying about the cultural/political situations.

I really like movies that tell stories of contemporary Africa, particularly shedding light on some of the political/cultural issues that you don’t catch on the six o’clock news. Fascinating, complex, tragic, hopeful. In this category, I also enjoyed:

Hotel Rwanda
The Constant Gardener
The Interpreter
Shooting Dogs (Beyond the Gates in USA)
The Last King of Scotland

Anyone else like/recommend any other movies like this?