The first 3 months of 2007 was an extremely busy one for all of us. Visitors from Canada, South Africa, Michigan – USA, Switzerland and even contacts from Alaska. And do I need to say …. we are only starting the month of April. The fantastic news is that everyone wants to lend a helping hand – something we desperatly need. I daily experience the fact that the harvest is so huge and the labourers are so few. Just this morning we asked a sick lady, who is about to die, “do you know Jesus – that He wants to be your friend? He wants to save you ……” She answered: “No”. All around us people are dying – and we have the answer. People that visit us surely not only lend a hand but plays a huge role in what we are doing here in Mozambique.

Meet my protege. Well they did’nt give him my full names but when he was born they gave him the name “Fransie”. What can I say …. I am so proud. Anyway visiting groups just love our private bush school and love to help to feed the kids with us. On the menu for the day: Pap, fish and beans. Mmmmmmm……………

Mercy Air, situated in Nelspruit (White River) linked up with the mission some years ago and are still a great support to us. They fly up frequently with materials, Bibles and other goods. They are REAL in every sense of the word and has great SERVANT HEARTS. Ron and Barb Wayner are the leaders of the Mercy Air base and have some planes and a helicopter in which they reach out to Africa. We have been priveledged over the years to reach out with them in flying to remote areas. 2006 was a big year as they provided us with a helicopter to reach disaster areas in the northern parts of Mozambique.

If you ever need to fly up to our base in Mozambique contact them for their flight schedules. They can be contacted at Their full details are:

Mercy Air South Africa
P.O. Box 1735
White River
Republic of South Africa
Phn: +27 13 750 1221
Fax: +27 13 750 0938