I have been very fortunate to be invited to Uganda and Rwanda for three weeks with Brian McClaren (writer of books like “Adventures in missing the point” and “The secret message of Jesus”) to attend a seminar with African leaders.

The topic of discussion will be post-colonial missions and how the church in Africa will adapt to the 21st century. Thanks to Stellenbosch Gemeente sponsoring me for this event – may God bless them. This off course mean that the BLOG WILL BE VERY QUIET for the NEXT MONTH. I apologize but will be back with many stories to share on what is happening with the church in Africa.

I couldn’t resist this photo from Lynne on how we start our mornings on the mission at 7 0’clock each morning.

We currently have about 30 workers helping us on the mission daily to do a variety of important jobs to make sure the mission can do what it is suppose to do – “To love God and to love people so that others can love God and love people.”
Blessings to all of you supporting us, praying for us and caring in such wonderful ways. As I am about to pack my last bag I just received a message of a 5 year old girl in England raising funds for us to buy Shona Bibles and some money for our orphans. Is that sweat or what? God must be having a great time watching her. Will report soon on this and other GREAT HAPPENINGS.