What a great day ….. I feel revived and alive. Easter is so special ….. OK ….. I repent …. I love chocolate …. but it is so much more than a holiday, Easter bunnies, hiding eggs in the garden or giving in to so called “Easter Specials” or even hot cross buns. Do they still make them?
Anyway HAPPY EASTER to all of you out there somewhere in the world today! Christ has died for our sins – we are free ….. free indeed. On the mission it is an extremely important time since we are still in a Marxist system which do not accept Easter as a holy day. No holidays either in Mozambique although they have announced on the radio this week that we will have a “Seixta Santo” – a Holy Friday. Can you believe that. Anyway busy time this weekend with all the churches and the festivities and the Jesus Film outreaches. Please pray that God will bless this time.