YES, we are hunting for Shona Bibles. We have been doing so for the last 5 years non-stop. Why hunt for Bibles if we are in the 21st Century? E-mailing, internet, blogging ….. come on – can’t find Bibles? YES sir, YES madam.

With the political turmoil in Zimbabwe there is absolutely no money to print any Shona Bibles. Zimbabwe currently have a inflation rate of 2 000 %. Outside of Zimbabwe Bibles will cost you an easy US$10 per Bible. The effect of all this is as we are continually planting churches new converts hunger for their own Bible. Although it is easy enough to get Portugeuse Bibles the bush people of the central part of Mozambique only speak their mothertongue which is Shona. So …. we have a crisis with new churches, hundreds of new Christians and about 400 leaders and pastors who are looking for their own Bible. Some are borrowing other church member’s Bible and in the process trying to memorize Scripture.

In this fight a great couple and their parents joined us in our fight to find Shona Bibles. David and Kate Phillips (with their beautiful and adorable 3 girls, Daisy, Mimi and Lily) are great friends which we met a couple of years ago in Godalming, England. Kate is Alan and Barbara Rainfords, who are playing a major role in helping the mission, daughter. David and Kate are fantastic people with a real HEART for God, the Church and their fellow brothers and sisters.

Their parents, Bryan and Ruth Phillips are equally wonderfull and are currently working non-stop in raising funds to bring more Bibles to Mozambique. Bryan completed many walkathons in raising funds, but they are currently selling cards to obtain Bibles for Mozambique. Thank You is just not enough. We love all of you guys dearly and salute you!

What would life be without caring FRIENDS! Thank you for caring.