We pride ourselves in our bush schools to have loads of fun. Here everyone is participating in cleaning the school floors. Cleaning for me as a kid was never fun. An adult would always stand somewhere waving his finger for us to hurry up and clean more. Well ….. in our bush schools we love to mix work with fun all the time. Once a month I arrive with a box of soap powder and Sunlight liquid …. and then the kids know …. it’s FUN TIME. We carry our water by the bucket and then the kids (me included) wash ourselves in the soap. We teach all the characteristics that Jesus had in His life to our school kids. Our whole syllabus in school is based on character growth.

Our bush school grew to 180 kids this year and we have 5 grades and a pre-school. The biggest joy I have every morning is driving to our school about 20 km away. I feel like the president when I arrive the way the kids greet, wave their hands and scream as they see Samson – my old Ford. We have been privileged by receiving so many goods for our bush schools. It helps us to pay the bills. Thank you very much.