Sorry for the quietness after Easter. What a great time it was – reflecting and I preached on being “Free – Free indeed!” Great time with hundreds of people. Anyway I quickly had to rush to South Africa to marry a couple (family and friends) and had to rush back immediately. Without being too boring here is a few highlights coming up the next few days:

  • Pregnant Woman attacked by crocodile after church baptism service!
  • Malaria kills 6 babies in last few weeks ….. our clinics working overtime.
  • England jumps in to help us to raise funds for much needed Shona Bibles in our areas.
  • Nat Zook (our YWAM helper) is in the USA for the next month to raise support and to attend his brother’s wedding.
  • I am on my way to Uganda and Rwanda – watch this space!!
  • What is happening to our LOVE BOAT project. Watch this space.
  • Arts and Crafts centre planned for mission – Alta on the run.
  • Floyd McClung to visit mission in 2008!!

WOW … I am breathless. Keep watching this blog ….. it might just blow your socs off. Thanks for everyone who contributes, pray and cares. Bless you all.