By the time you arrive at any church in Mozambique people are already singing and dancing. Drums are beating, feet are stamping – dust is hanging heavy in the air. God is being praised. Kids are participating everywhere – it’s God-time! In a typical Mozambique church there are many preachers for the morning. At least 5 choirs participate from the youth to the granny’s. It reminded me of I Cor. 14:26 – if you brought something to church … a song, a testimony – bring it. Ok did I mention that our church services could go on for several hours. Absolutely great to experience though!

Church is very uncomplicated in Mozambique. It’s more being part of the celebration than trying to run a program or make things happen very professionally. It is a colourful experience where prayer is very important. Again everyone prays together. One has to ask people to stop praying so the service can continue. No one will leave the church unless you have prayed for the sick and those in need. And then ….. everyone must eat together to thank God for the time spend in His presence. Only to come together again next Sunday and do it all over again – but not one Sunday is the same.

Meet one of our band members. Many times someone will bring their keyboard that runs through 12V batteries, distorted speakers and crackling keys. But it sounds beautiful – everything in harmony. And then I realised being church is a great privilege. We don’t need a beautiful building – we are the building.