He is 25, Mozambiquean and his name is Pedro. And if you want to meet the friendliest man in Africa with a passion for lost people …. don’t look further. For just a moment I thought I met Timothy. He has a hunger for the church that I have not seen for a very long time. Pedro is a young pastor and one of our leaders in the northern parts of Mozambique in a small town Shire.

When I met him he attended our Bible Schools in the north and drove 60 km to attend school. That is a 120 km per day to hear and study the Bible. When we sat down a few weeks ago he was visiting about 50 churches which he planted or help plant with other senior pastors. He never tires … I thought. And in the most remote parts of Mozambique you will find these great men of God. Nobody knows them but what they do for God makes you want to cry ….. cry because of joy. These leaders have a hunger and understanding of God which is awesome. They are the post-modern missionaries who are currently taking the lead in Mozambique. Follow us as we move north in a few months from now with Jesus-film outreaches. In some places people have never heard the Jesus-film are have seen it in their mother tongue. A great experience not to be missed. ARE YOU AVAILABLE????