Storms come and storms go but the aftermath is usually something people don’t really see. We have over 350 leaders north of us whose lives, houses and fields have been destroyed by the latest flooding. Our orphans and many widows lost their houses in the process. As a mission we need to get involved NOW to help these people. We need 10 houses to be buildt as soon as possible as the rainy season is not finished yet. We are also distributing food for those who cannot help themselves. Children have died in the last few weeks because of a lack of food. Mercy Air came to their rescue via helicopter but thousand of others are not so lucky.
If you feel led ….. you can maybe get involved in the following programs and partner with us to help the many in need!! Here is a cash flow that will give you an indication on what we need.
Rand Canadian US dollar
HOUSES TO BE REBUILDT: 10 Widow houses 600 100 90
(Cost per house)

Food (transport included) : 300 bags of maize 220 35 30
(Cost per bag)

If you are interested n helping those in need please contact us at We will answer you immediatly with the details.

Thank you for caring and praying!