“Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and the forces of evil”. To find evil anywhere is not a difficult job. To find good men that stand amongst evil …. well a little bit more challenging!

The last few weeks we have been harassed at our home during the late night by “witch hunters” which are “trying” to cast their evil spells. They usually visit us between 12 am and 3 am in the mornings. It will consist out of playing drums, mumbling and loud laughing. Africa is swept from their feet because of fear that these people invoke. Off course none of this could influence us or bring fear to our hearts because of Jesus Christ. It is annoying though and we ask everyone that is reading this blog to please keep on praying for us. The last few weeks we were severely spiritually attacked but your and our prayers prevailed and got us through.

Witchdoctors and witch hunters are on a full out attack against the mission so we still need your prayers. Everything that happens in darkness cannot be blessed …… and remember “for evil to prosper good men must do nothing.”