As you might know we are working on a project to put a boat (what we call the “Love Boat”) on the mighty Zambezi river. It is a huge project which involves a lot of people, finances and even more networking. The purpose of the boat would be to:

(a) Eleviate poverty by reaching out to the people next to the river by providing health and
education services.

(b) Be a vessel that would be available to help out in times of emergency like the current
flooding where tens of peoples have lost their lives.

(c) Spreading the Good News wherever we are on the river by using the Jesus-film and by
connecting with our more than 350 leaders close to the rivers.


“A man that does not believe in his dreams can never be a realist!” What have we achieved thus far:

(i) We have a team of doctors ready in Stellenbosch who would be willing to join us during
different times of the year on the boat for about 2 weeks at a time.

(ii) We are in the process of setting up a base next to the Zambezi in a town called Mutarara.
This is also currently the town that has been devestated by the floods and where 200 000
people are in need of food.

(iii) We are in the process of planning our boat.

(iv) We still need all the Government roleplayers to assist us on the project.

Please pray that God will help us to make this dream a reality in 2007.

Here we are with Nat Zook (USA, Pensilvania) – a missionary that has joined us for another two years after spending 2006 with us – enjoying a lunch on a boat on the Msika river/dam infested with big crocodiles!!

Oh captain, my captain – do I have to say anything more!!!! No we did not get lost on this mighty Msika – I am not good at any type of navigation (although they trained me in the army) but ….. we got back safely.

This is on the river – but Nat was looking for some Tiger Fish and got a crocodile instead. He survived though!