The opening ceremony of our bush schools are always a highlight for the community. This year was no exception and everyone turned out for a day of singing and the introducing of our new teachers. We had to gather under the trees because our mission school is being renovated. The old roof of the school was made out of grass and after many years of rain and wind storms the roof became too dangerous.

It is currently raining season in Mozambique but our opening day luckily did’nt rain out. For 2007 we have a record of 160 children which was registered and they will be led by 5 teachers this year. We put a lot of emphasis on character building in our schools and from grade 1 to grade 5 our children are being taught all the principles that will make them not just to become a good citizen but to become a relevant christian even at a young age.

We will this year start our new “escolinha” (pre-primary school) in Mucombeze with a “Bless kit” that will introduce them to the 60 character traits that Jesus had. This will be taught untill they reach grade 5.

Here is Francois with the 5 teachers for 2007:
From left to right:
Mathew Hurekure, Tito Mabuleza,
Joao Fenniassi, Joao Benjamin and
Paulo Innacio. Mathew is responsible for our
Bible education program which has changed many young lives. Even parents commented on how their lives changed at home because of their changed kids!!!