While everyone is waiting for the 79th Oscar awards and others are swiping credit cards – life has to go on – Cyclone Flavio has hit Mozambique hard. People are recovering and re-building. God sure did make human beings fantastic – always ready to pick themselves up to go on. Our base survived and was not in the direct path of the cyclone. We did experience strong winds, some trees blown over …. and 170 mm of rain!!!! Washed out and roads were difficult to drive on. By the grace of God all survived and at least in our area in Manica Province crops survived the onslaught by Mother Nature.

The photos included will show you how our river is doing just a few metres away from our house. They are roaring and mega tons of water are flowing through the rivers.


1. Please pray for the people of Mozambique rebuilding their properties and lives.

2. Please pray for me and Alta going through some interesting and challenging times!

Bless ya all!