OK so Mozambique is not really a place where you will find emancipated ladies. But Alta Rauch took over a project with the sole purpose to empower ladies in Mozambique. The ladies are being trained in the following areas:

(a) Literacy
(b) Bible Education
(c) Arts and Crafts for export purposes
(d) Entrepreneurial projects
(e) Health Education

2007 will see an arts and craft centre being build on our mission base next to our busy route to the north. Alta and Eunice (Mozambican coordinator) runs about 20 lady schools with more than 209 ladies being trained. These ladies will sell their goods in the arts and crafts centre.L

Women schools are being run by a Mozambican lady called a monitor. They are being trained separately in several seminars over the year. Watch this space to see the ladies of Mozambique grow in stature and power – but still within their culture and being relevant!

Some of the ladies busy knitting at one of the seminars for ladies on the mission base – deep in the bushes of Mozambique.

After the devastating war in Mozambique which raged for 30 years many people lost hope. Through arts and crafts women are trained to gain back their self respect. Here are some busy making necklaces from tree seed.

A proud lady knitting jerseys, handbags and other things she could sell to raise an income for her family.

Celistina (left) and Eunice (right) receives a bicycle from Alta to visit the different Women Schools deep in the bushes.
Please pray for this ministry as it is growing amazingly! Watch our ladies get stronger and stronger and come to know the Lord in the process.