What a school year it has been. Our bushschools in the bush has an average of about 140 children from the ages 4 to 16. We make provision for grades 1 to 5. Our bushschool in Mucombeze has 140 smiling kids and are being taken care by the mission …. which is me and you. We provide a good meal every schoolday of the year with all the other needs like books, pencils, stationary, schoolfees and the sillabus taken care off.

This year we provided about 35 000 plates of food for our kids. Without these bushschools kids would not be able to attend any school. Schools are geographically unreachable and in the rainy season kids must cross dangerous rivers and could even be attacked by crocodiles. This is one of the reason why we are still planting bush schools in the middle of the jungle to provide good education to all. The mission sponsors 4 qualified teachers. At the end of every year (as the photos show) it is price giving and top students are rewarded bicycles, cash prizes and other goodies that will make any kid smile. After the certificate ceremony, results …. it is time to party. And did they enjoy themselves thoroughly this year!!! Thank you to all who contributed to make this possible specially:

Canada, SAM Ministries who are sponsoring our kids;
Stellenbosch Gemeente for the bicycles;
Goodwood Gemeente for help;
Polokwane Gemeente for the stationary.

We love ya all deeply! As the kids would say – “muinto obrigado – graca de Deus!”