OK I don’t know where you are in the world right now but right now in Mozambique it’s hot …. and I mean hot. Had little rain the last few weeks – about 3 mm. Yesterday had a scorching 41 degrees Celsius and today heading the same direction. Guess everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Christmas in Mozambique is an interesting experience.

We are usually surrounded by lots of hungry kids which have not heard any carols of any kind. In fact they have never heard “Jingle Bells” or “Silent Night”. Never mind a Christmas play or seen Jesus in a manger. Weird thing “Christmas” to the kids of Mozambique. That provides us with a great opportunity to bring Christ in a real way to the great people of Mozambique. The word “festive season” doesn’t really ring a bell to the people deep in the bushes of Mozambique. Just another day to survive … trying to find enough Satza (maize – pap) to feed the family. We have entered the “hungry season” in Mozambique – please pray with us to help where we can. We have distributed a lot of maize seed to our widows and orphan mothers to make sure there is enough to plant and to eat during this festive time.

Millions of thank yous for all who helped us to feed and look after those who are struggling to keep their families in one piece.

Here is some cool pictures of some of our orphans which we took out to town for their own Christmas party. We had chicken and chips (batatas e fritas) and a nice ice cream with coke. We then took them to buy nice gifts, shoes and sweats to celebrate Christ and the hope that we have in HIM.