Ok ….. I have been lazy ….. and being struck with malaria again. Down and out! Can you imagine that their might be zillions of mosquitos out there and only a few will carry the malaria parasite …. and then …. of those few female mozzies they always choose me. I mean I bath for crying out loud …. I’m a missionary …… we bath …… maybe not all of us …. but at least I do. So this has been a hectic week. Let me share the schedule so you might peek on how things are going at the base:

Saturday 4 November: Many visits from pastors.
Sunday 5 November: 09:00 Watched Joyce Meyer and was blessed
10:00 Get ready for church ….. feeling that old old parasite feeling in the
10:30 Drove 15 km to church to preach on Soul, Spirit, Body – who are
13:30 Finished church …… fainted …… malaria …… awfull!
14:00 Back at the mission base ……. fevers ……. sleep, sleep (and pills)
Monday 6 November: 07:00 Devotions ….. to tired …. sleep, sleep, sleep ….. mozzie fevers.
10:00 Mission staff needs help with just about everything.
12:00 Visit from pastors.
15:00 More pills (and the Gospel)
16:00 Killed another Boomslang (very poisonous but at least you can
see it …. not like a female mozquito!)
17:00 Admin and problems with satellites.
20:00 Too tired.
Tuesday 7 November: 07:00 Devotions
09:00 Zimbabwe – official paperwork
15:00 Visit from farmers – we sell litchies to help the mission survive!
16:00 Visit to our mission clinics to follow up on work.
16:15 Visit to orphans we support at the mission.
17:00 Visit to secretary – organize land and housing for a leprocy lady.
18:00 It is officially dark! Back to the base.
Wednesday 8 November: 07:00 Devotions (Power of the tongue – James 3)
08:00 Leave for schools – VBS (Holiday school for kids)
12:00 Leave to Chimoio to organize official paperwork for mission.
15:00 Administration

Ok, ok you get the feeling …… not a lot of preaching is it. Well just a quick glimpse in what happened the last few days. Hey YOU …. keep on praying ….. God is doing some awesome things in the lives of our people living around us. They need God and someone who dares to care ….. OR just “being there”! Thanks to all who is serving somewhere – we love ya!

Prayer requests:
1. Our days are about 44 degrees celcius in the bush …. pleasy pray for rain.
2. Pray for the rain prophets who is trying to confuse people.
3. Pray for revival in all the bush churches.
4. Please pray for all our aids orphans.
5. Please pray for all our sick people.
6. Please pray for the truth of the Gospel to reach hearts of stone sometimes.

Thanks to ya all!!!