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When a Hindu calls on Jesus!

INDIA – 1,3 billion people. 330 Million ‘gods’. The Hindu...
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What Keeps You from Going?

  If everyone is a missionary, then no one is....
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Chad – Part 2: A Bible in the desert

The echoes for the morning prayer still rings in our...
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Why Giants don’t scare me anymore!

Why Giants Don’t Scare Me Anymore Giants always seem unbeatable...
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The Dead Heart of Africa ……

It's 2'o Clock in the morning - we have long...
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Mission’s Dark Secret

Mission activity has increased dramatically over the past decades. Reports...
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Why not a plant a church at the Bus Stop?

I have visited Rwanda on several occasions.  It started to...
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Running at the speed of light

I am ashamed that I have been so awfully quiet...

Why we exist

We’re Christians passionate about following Jesus where the need is the greatest. God has called us to help bring transformation in a holistic way in poor communities regardless of race, gender, nationality or religious belief.

We know the Gospel has the power to transform lives and heal people. We want to be part of that process and work where God is working. We do this by loving God and loving people so that others too will be moved to love God and love others. We have been working and living in Mozambique the last 18 years and are currently involved in various other African countries such as Angola, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

We exist because we believe we can make a difference through
love, hope and transformation. This is what inspires and drives us.